Wednesday July 20, 2005


[Contributed by Steve Klotz]

Florida’s farcically-named Public Service Commission approved FPL’s request to gauge an additional $441.9 million from its suffering customers. Allegedly, this amount is to help pay off the cost of restoring power after last year’s hurricanes. As a result, 4.3 million households and businesses dependent on Florida Plunder and Loot will cough up about $1.68/month for an average 1,000-kilowatt-hour residential bill through February 2008,

Throughout its campaign of greed and legalized banditry, FPL has claimed it hasn’t raised its rates in two decades. However, the company has passed fuel costs along to customers, boosting our bills exponentially. Check it out: the fuel charge on FPL residential bills was $40.09 in March 2005, compared with $19.80 in March 1999.

FPL Group last year logged $887 million in profits on revenues of $10.5 billion.

FPL noted that in direct surveys, consumers indicated willingness to pay higher rates if it meant quicker restoration of services after hurricanes. This would be like asking Miami Cubans if they’d be willing to pay an additional tax on limes and plaintans if it meant the end of Castro. Who would say No? The hell does one have to do with the other? Neither is happening.

So far this year, without a single hurricane, I have personally experienced 4 power outages in my residence, and two at my place of business. Attempts to get Boob from FPL to respond—ever try to get a living person on their customer service line? Do you even know what number to dial for customer service? There’s no room on their website to post it, brimming as it is with propoganda and smiley faces—have failed, but in the interest of tearing new assholes, I persist.

Got an FPL horror story? Please post it here.

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  1. Just Another Customer    Thu Jul 21, 09:20 AM #  

    My entire apartment building in Kendall was dark and sweltering for 10 days while one call after another to FPL went unheeded. We’d go through their agonizingly slow “Press 1 for an Irrelevant Message; Press 2 to Repeat What You Told Us Before” process, and eventually get some apologetic dolt to whom we’d need to repeat the whole damn story all over again. Clearly these assholes are trained to mollify, stall, and placate, not take action. Finally somebody came out, discovered a problem that “coulda fried every wire in the place and burned it to the ground,” and 2 days later, restored power. They never told us why it took so long. In fact, they never told us a goddam thing.

  2. alesh    Thu Jul 21, 11:18 AM #  

    Here at work, there was a crappy old power pole with a cross beam that was broken and sagging. FPL came out to fix it and did such a crappy band-aid job that a month later it broke again, caught fire, and sent lightning bolts (and explosion sounds) to the ground below and over to our building, putting people in that part of the building in serious physical danger.

    The fire department came out, but they had to wait for FPL to shut the power off before they could put out the fire.