Monday July 18, 2005

Everybody Must Get Stoned

[Contributed by Potato Head]

I’ve been giving some serious thought to Glenn’s post on medicinal marijuana, and I want to share some of my thoughts.

Now, Glenn’s heart may very well be in the right place. He may want sufferingl glaucoma patients to be able to get relief from the cops that surely storm their homes and arrest them daily. But let’s be serious . . . medicinal marijuana activists, 99% of them, are not interested in glaucoma patients, except as a means to an end. They are hippie stoners.

Don’t get me wrong—I like hippie stoners. Some of my best friends are hippie stoners. But let’s level with each other for a minute. The people who are fighting for “medicinal” marijuana are the same people who say things like ‘all marijuana use is medicinal.’ They want a medicinal marijuana law passed because it will make it easier for them to score good Canamo.

Some friends of mine live in San Francisco, where “medician” dope is legal. Here’s how it works: You go to a MM “clinic,” where you’re given a form to fill out, with check boxes for allowable marijuana “ailments.” A “doctor” sees you, and $125 later you have a script for legal pot. Take it to one of many cannabis clubs, where any number of different types of weed are available for sale. And we’re talking primo weed here (not that you can’t get decent stuff in Miami now).

Do we really need to argue that legalizing drugs would be good for the US? Of course not. Actually, if you want to lie about it with this medicinal marijuana stuff, that’s fine too. Let’s get out there and legalize pot!

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  1. Miami Harold    Mon Jul 18, 02:06 PM #  

    This is exactly right on several levels.
    Pot’s medicinal value is actually irrelevant to the larger argument,
    which is simply, that pot should be legal.
    Yes, it should at the very least be available
    for medicinal purposes,
    just like tequila (which also has great medicinal value,
    in addition to its documented psychotropic effects).
    Back in the day a lot us anticipated
    marijuana’s imminent legalization,
    repeating stories that United States tobacco companies
    had already trademarked names
    like “Columbia Red” and Panama Gold.”
    We were stoned, of course, and believed everything.
    Now I believe I’ll stick with tequila.

  2. Sean    Wed Jul 20, 02:40 PM #  

    Here’s another wrinkle: not marijuana-related, but drug laws gone wild. Richard Paey, suffering from MS and a spinal cord injury that leaves him in intractable pain, is serving 25 years for prescription drug abuse. He wasn’t abusing, he wasn’t selling, he was trying to survive. Read the story: it’s abhorrent (but the cartoons he did are good!). And it’s pure Flori-duh. Elsewhere in the Sunshine State, Rush Limbaugh remains free.