Tuesday July 12, 2005

Pirate Radio Station Shut Down

“All kinds of other things use radio signals – military, airplanes,” Stein said. “Pirate signals could be jamming different signals that could put people in danger.”

We are not buying it. Pirate radio stations give people what they want, and cost the government a little bit of extra money. Please e-mail us frequencies you pick up, along with style of music and where they seem to be strongest, for a Critical Miami Pirate Radio Station Guide!

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  1. Captain Hook    Wed Jul 13, 12:19 PM #  

    Here you go, mates. But you didn’t get it from me.
    link text

  2. tocino    Thu Jul 14, 11:07 AM #  

    93.5 “The Boogie Trick” station. Homegrown dirty south style. Favorite DJ. Prime Time or Mo Dollah

    96.1 Island sounds. Roots, Reggae, Soca

    I love pirate radio. FUNK CLEAR CHANNEL!