Tuesday July 12, 2005

Haitian Teen Allowed to Stay in US

Read it and weep. When will we stop putting people through this agony?

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  1. harumi    Wed Jul 13, 01:05 PM #  

    miami herald links are only for members. can you some how put the story up? or do i need to sign up?

  2. alesh    Wed Jul 13, 02:19 PM #  

    the miami herald is horrible. try bugmenot the first line is a name, the second is the password.

  3. Blanco Nino is tired    Wed Jul 13, 03:27 PM #  

    I hope the agony you are speaking of is the agony of the natural citizens of Miami. Im tired of watching this city get pissed on by every dumbass who feels that this city needs more people. Especially people whose only contribution to society is driving me from lincoln rd to ocean in their cab. Yeah, yeah, I know they could be doctors and lawyers, BLAH! Please name the contributions to a greater society that have been developed by someone who cant pronounce the letter H. Yeah im the racist. Whatever. Label me, because I want to see this city grow (economically). Miami is a beaten wife, who needs to divorce herself from her non english husband and his many relatives.

  4. Blanco Nino is tired    Wed Jul 13, 03:32 PM #  

    Dont get me wrong, Im happy for this kid, he beat the system. Just like we beat the system when we came here and the Indians didnt want to grant us asylum. Let me get this straight, when the British came hear seeking help from their oppressive government and get denied by Indians its cool? OH YEAH THATS RIGHT. So we taught them a lesson. Well gotta go, gotta hit up the Hard Rock so I can give all my money back to those non asylum granting bastards!

  5. Miami Harold    Wed Jul 13, 05:06 PM #  

    Blanko Nini’s comments depict a singularly ignorant and revolting personality. He must be French. Right, Kathleen?

  6. Sean    Thu Jul 14, 10:47 AM #  

    Back in the Old Country we have blokes who don’t pronounce their aitches, too. Called “Cockneys,” essentially it’s the English working class. Don’t want those limey bastards emigrating to the states, either, do we—more “dumbasses pissing on our city.” Bad enough we have sods like “Blanco Nino” who don’t know how to use apostrophes when they write.

  7. harumi    Thu Jul 14, 12:19 PM #  

    wow that is very selfish! He thinks he own this country

  8. Merkin    Thu Jul 14, 02:10 PM #  

    Guys like that don’t own their own scrotum sacks, let alone the whole country. Before the better part of that punk dripped down his daddy’s leg, he had ancestors worse off than this little Haitian kid who washed up on this country’s beach and made a life. So now this little Klanlet wants to pull up the drawbridge?

    I build things. I hire people. I probably have this kid’s friends and family working on my jobs right now and I’m happy to have ‘em. Today they work for me, tomorrow they’ll work for themselves and hire their own people. Good! Write this down: Competition is Good. People come here wanna work not whine is the American fuckin way and little sneering stuck-up shits can learn to like it or find somewhere else. I hear Iraq is looking for a few good suicide bombers.

  9. Tanya Hyde    Thu Jul 14, 03:04 PM #  

    “Blanco Nino,” eh? Isn’t that clever. Conclusive proof that pregnancy can result from anal sex.

  10. in this corner...Blanco Nino    Fri Jul 15, 05:23 AM #  

    WOW! I didnt think that I could lure this many whining little cunts into my iron fisted grip, and I did! Well since you were all kind enough to respond to me and not the article, Ill personally take the time to mock each one of you, individually.

    First off, Harold. Without a doubt the lamest attempt to impress a chick. Right Kathleen?

    Sean, number duece. Thanks for the english lesson there “mate”. Which way to your classroom again? Oh, the one with the red assed little boys?

    c.harumi. Me no think me OWN this country. “So simple even a caveman can type.”

    4 merkin. COMPETITION! Youre so right, well make the hatians compete with the cubans all fear factor-esque. Speaking of building, have you finished working on drawbridge yet? By the way, no one in my family has ever worked at your two headed glass dildo making factory. Nor do I think theyd attend any of your “2 steps to owning your own business” seminars.

    Last and always least Tanya. WHAT?! YOU SAID THE TEST HAD 1 BLUE LINE! fuck. should we have it then?

    Ill take the HTATSI belt and wear it with honor

  11. Pastor Thomas Nobb    Fri Jul 15, 01:54 PM #  

    Bravo, Blanco Nino for speaking up courageously! Please visit our website. Or e-mail our youth director to discuss membership and activities in your area.