Tuesday July 12, 2005


Ok, let’s get the hype out of the way: Cafeteria is a legendary Chelsea restaurant who’s owners were supposedly begged into opening a second location (in the whole world, understand?) on SoBe. The premise is gourmet treatment of diner food (think meatloaf and mashed potatoes), in a mod setting, open 24/7. A good gimmick, that.

The restaurant opened with fanfare, but suffered from reports of horrible service, sadly not unconfirmed on our visit. But nevermind: the place is beautiful, tastefully grafted into what originally used to be the Lincoln Road Cadillac dealership, and the food is wonderful. Our salmon was delightful, served with some mighty delicious couscous and marinated tomatoes (the menu called them sun-dried, which they weren’t), all over a slightly sour yogurt cucumber sauce. A pizza with chicken, broccoli, whole cloves of roasted garlic, and two types of cheese was yummy, and big enough to feed two generously.

Now, the sad fact is that as the restaurant filled up, our waiter became pretty scarce, giving some validation to the reports of bad service. Whatever – it’s a fun place to hang out. Considering the great food (and the location), the prices are downright reasonable. Almost seems like a decent place to become a regular at.

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  1. du jour    Tue Jul 12, 05:13 PM #  

    Sorry I have a few questions. I’m visiting your city for an ad agency based in New York.
    1. Does Cafeteria have a web site? If so, link it please.
    2. I followed the link that said ignore to the left of this page, as I was intrigued by the name I suppose. It seems there is a blog there for Miami as well? How is the Critical Miami blog affiliated with ignore magazine? Do you work there, and if so, do you know how we might speak with them?
    3. Do you possess any 411 on a new show called “miami ink” on cable? If so, perhaps do a post on how we can obtain tickets.

    good luck.

    Kristen Hall

  2. alesh    Tue Jul 12, 05:29 PM #  

    1) No.

    2) Also no, although I know Omar in passing; there is an ‘about’ page on the site which should be helpful.

    3) Miami Ink was briefly covered here i have no more info…