Saturday July 9, 2005

Later, Dennis (Updated)

Tropical Storm Force Experimental Probabilities - 120 Hours

In a few hours, Dennis will be somebody else’s problem. Not too much action here, a few dramatically knocked over trees and lots of water. Don’t get too comfortable, though: another one is forming in the middle of the Atlantic as we speak.

Note: National Hurricane Center added at to links list.

Update: Hello, Emily!

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  1. Boob from FPL    Sat Jul 9, 11:59 AM #  

    We’re gonna turn off everybody’s power for a few hours just to stay in shape. BTW—Thanks to the Public Utilities Commission for approving the rate increase we requested.

  2. cohen    Sat Jul 9, 12:25 PM #  

    i here this next hurricane will bring even more man eaten sharks with it.

  3. erika    Sun Jul 10, 11:57 AM #  

    or ‘women-eating sharks’... oh no

  4. Bill T. Shark    Mon Jul 11, 08:56 PM #  

    I’m on my way, Erika