Wednesday July 6, 2005

Let's Lower the Voting Age

Miranda outside the Florida state capitol in Tallahassee. As Glenn pointed out, Florida is one of the minority of states that allow ballot initiatives.

And boy do we ever take advantage; there are a bunch of folks pushing their ideas this very minute. The best one, though, is from Miranda Rosenberg, who is trying to get the voting age lowered to 16. She’s 18 now, but she’s been at this for three years, and is not about to give up. Her web site has a petition you can download and sign (it also has a petition for her dad’s ballot initiative, which would require Florida state legislatures legislators to pass the 10th grade FCAT—are good ideas running in this family, or what?).

Right now, she’s not doing too good, but she has three more years to get the 611,009 signatures she needs to get this on the ballot. Please, everybody, let’s make this one happen. What could be better then 16-year olds voting?

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  1. doingnothing    Thu Jul 7, 10:58 AM #  

    not only should the voting age NOT be lowered, the driving age should be increased. i’m sick of people giving all these responsibilities to little baboons who are doomed to be adults eventually, and who are easily swayed by their lack of everything; conviction above all.

  2. Miami Harold    Thu Jul 7, 11:54 AM #  

    What could be better than 16-year olds voting, you ask.
    How about:
    1. 16-year olds NOT voting
    2. 16 year olds not driving (“doingnothing” got it exactly right)
    3. 16 year olds not showing their underwear
    4. 16 year olds not drinking
    That noted, the age for abortion
    could reasonably be raised to 16.
    A parent should have the right to abort a child that age.
    Any older, a court order would be required,
    but I’m certain that under many circumstances,
    parents would appreciate the option
    to abort their young teenage offspring.

  3. shinypenny    Fri Jul 8, 12:24 PM #  

    we let people in the midwest vote, and it’s not like they could pass the FCAT.

  4. alesh    Fri Jul 8, 01:45 PM #  

    oops sorry it was supposed to say “legislators” . . . ie our actualy state reps would take the test, not voters. corrected.

  5. Hugh Briss    Fri Jul 8, 08:50 PM #  

    Anybody formally “educated” below the Mason-Dixon line, east of the Mississippi, shouldn’t cast aspersions at the midwest. Most people born or bred in this intellectual wasteland can’t spell FCAT, let alone pass it.