Saturday July 2, 2005

Seatbelts and Wine

When the mandatory seatbelt law was passed back in the 90s, part of the deal was that you couldn’t be pulled over for not wearing a belt; the penalty could only be applied if you were pulled over for another valid reason. No more; As of July 1, “police can stop a vehicle if drivers or occupants who look to be under the age of 18 are seen not wearing seat belts.” Fine, whatever. We think everyone should wear seatbelts anyway. But we don’t think it’s the government’s business to make us do so. Boring old libertarian and slippery slope arguments…

More new stuff: We previously reported that you don’t have to signal lane changes. Sadly, this has now been changed. Not only is Critical Miami going to have turn signals installed on its fleet of cars, but we just lost some good rant material. On the plus side, the Florida legislature has granted us the right to bring half-finished bottles of wine home from a restaurant.

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  1. Dickhead    Sun Jul 3, 03:29 AM #  

    Yea I get to drink wine without a seatbelt on…while changing lanes without a signal! I can die now.

  2. vrah    Wed Jul 6, 10:39 AM #  

    question: is it leagal to drive straight with a turn signal on?

  3. Nasty Brutish & Short, Attys At Law    Wed Jul 6, 02:36 PM #  

    Yes, it is legal to drive straight with a turn signal on. It is also legal to drive gay with a turn signal on. In fact, it is legal to drive straight or gay with a turn signal on or off. To sum up: sexual orientation has nothing to do with driving or turn signals. However, a caution: this is Florida, so that could change. Thank you for your inquiry.

  4. Pile    Sat Jul 9, 12:14 AM #  

    good stuff… check out my take on things at