Saturday June 18, 2005

Cockfighting Arena Closed

Speaking of roosters, police busted a cockfighting arena in northwest Dade yesterday. Not a sting operation or anything, they just sort of stumbled on it. And it’s not what you think; this place was very fancy: “about 50 caged cocks, wooden bleachers, a practice ring, numbered chairs and a VIP room.” We bet they had some primo hooch on hand, too. Ammeneties like that make one wonder how many cockfighting rings must operate down here.

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  1. from the grave    Mon Jun 20, 09:46 AM #  

    Cockfighting is an abominable practice, and its practitioners are nothing short of depraved. —Frank Perdue

  2. Duck Diamonds    Mon Jun 20, 11:28 PM #  

    I don’t doubt that there are plenty of other cockfighting venues in south Florida. With its appeal to savage, low-class, mouth-breathing hinds whose dicklets straighten out at the sight and stench of animal blood, there’s a powerful market here. Oh well. At least it keeps ‘em off the streets. The audience, too.

  3. Merkin    Mon Jun 20, 11:37 PM #  

    Cockfighting and bullfighting are for pussies. You want entertainment, go find some bumfighting. You get two homeless guys off the streets, liquor ‘em up, and let ‘em go at each other, no holds barred. People in the audience toss in two by fours, baseball bats, and hunks of metal for ‘em to use on each other—and they do. There’s always parts on the floor when it’s over, an eye, an ear, couple fingers, a chunk of gut. The betting action in the crowd doesn’t stop ‘til one guy stays down, half the time forever. The winner gets a hundred dollars—and “tips.” Off the floor. Get it? Ha ha!