Tuesday June 14, 2005

$1.50 ?!?

Over at City Debate, North Beach William breaks down the recent Metro-Dade bus rate hike. We agree that this is pretty straightforward price-gouging (the agency’s site, by the way, is unapologetic), but we disagree about the state of the public transit system. Considering how sprawled-out Miami is, the fact that any viable bus service is possible is impressive. And we love when they drive fast – there’s nothing like zipping through traffic, knowing that the 5-ton vehicle you’re in can hit a Hummer and win.

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  1. Chad Harris    Wed Jun 15, 12:26 PM #  

    It’s disgusting, the Metro Bus should be a dollar. No more.

    The best is when a driver makes a sharp turn at like 50 – very exhilarating.