Sunday April 17, 2005

La Vraie Difference

La Vraie Difference, 5912, NE 2nd Ave

We all love Tap-Tap. But there’s a nagging doubt about . . . well, its authenticity; it just seems a little too westernized. La Vraie Difference, in Little Haiti, leaves little room for such doubt. No menus; we were told that “Fish, spinach, and fish-kebabs,” were the choices of the day. We ordered the fish-kebabs, and (due to some glitch of communication,)
were served a suculent goat and cabbage stew, fried rice, and an entire plantain each. Tasty stuff, though (and vivid). Would have been even better if we’d though to order beer. A wall-mounted television played a video of a . . . actually, I’m not sure I can describe the video. Chad remarked, “I don’t know what to do with the rest of my life now.”

They do take-out, but believe me, that is not the way to go. Also, the guy at the next table had the fish, and it looked amazing.

La Vraie Difference
5912 NE 2nd Ave, Miami
305 758 1062

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  1. cohen    Mon Apr 18, 09:08 PM #  

    i to am not sure what to do wih the rest of my life.. now… about to leave for hugos opening…

  2. caroline    Tue Apr 19, 10:31 AM #  

    interesting. I lived couple blocks down for 2 years and never ate there. I should try soon.

  3. cohen    Tue Apr 19, 11:47 AM #  

    chad told us a sory about the video work in the food joint,,, gonna haf to go

  4. Chad    Thu Apr 21, 06:16 PM #  

    Not so much video work, as the STRANGEST MOVIE EVER. Complete with a BLACK ALBINO and PROPAGANDA and SCRATCHED FLIM SPECIAL EFFECTS. Oh, and it was made recently and was on DVD. Amazing. The food was a little crazy, in kind of a good way .. maybe.

  5. Chad    Thu Apr 21, 06:17 PM #  

    FLIM = FILM, of course. I want to go back to Little Haiti ..

  6. cohen    Fri Apr 22, 11:01 AM #  

    blues fuckers reherse in the streets of little haiti